Asteroidal occultation by (704)Interamnia

yRemarkz 2023.W.QX PVRS`RT ts Star FUCAC4 620-023165 mag14.1 (=GSC 02411-02252 mag13.4) RA 05h 25m 30.163s Ԉ +3351' 54.45"(J2000) AsteroidF(704)Interamnia mag12.0 dia 306km Drop magFaprox 0.15mag Max duration 12.5sec Area Falomost Japan, North Taiwan, Hongkong Note FIOTA/EA Campaign event Prediction by JPL-Horizons & Gaia EDR3 Occultation data map. link to Occult Watcher Cloud
the Importance of this event The significant intaresting body as very large and very low albedo, but this asteroid has not been studied much. We'll obtaine good shape of this asteroid by many observers coopetaion. E We hope to make the relationships of asteroidal observation among East Asia. E The improvement of observation against the small drop mag event. E The making studies for next age young observers like as collage students. Note for observation The observers should use large telescope and take long integtration shutter rather than usual asteroidal event to take stable star image, because this event will have very small dmag and low altitude.
Star :UCAC4 620-023165 (mag14.1) Asteroid : (704)Interamnia (mag12.0) Wide Map by The SKY 6 2deg square by The SKY 6 30' square by The SKY 6 40' square by Digitized Sky Surveyiobtained by SteraNavigator11j

If you observed...
If you observed, please send to
Hayato Watanabe(IOTA/EA) or Tstutomu Hayamizu. Reported observations will be published to world and be utilized for Occultation study.
for report Tsutomu Hayamizu^

Required Data are below;
1.Observers Name
2.Observed Place. longitude, latitude and altitudeCDatum.
Longitude and latitude must have digits of 0.1"
Altitude must have digits of 1m
3.Observation start and end time (UTC)
4.Occultation occured or not.
5.The Disappearance and Disappearance time, if the occultation occured
6.The Equipments and methods, for example telscope type and appature, camera, exporse duration
7.Time signal

Sendai Space Hall/ (704)Interaminia on 2003.3.23
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